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Been following along and wanted to say I'm glad to hear DB took care of you.

I also want to add a suggestion. I know this is probably just semantics, but it is not possible to drill glass. The way to put a protrusion through the glass is by grinding it. This is a very important concept to understand when 'drilling' the glass. Since you're actually grinding it, you need to continually remember not to put any pressure on the drill. Let the weight of the drill do all the work. I'm sure you know this, and the problem with the first tank was the tempered pane, but you can't have this fact reinforced too often.

Good luck and post pix of the successful grind ;) or drill process.

Thanks Russ for the advice any last words before the grinding commences cant hurt. On my first attempt I was going very slow and kept it lubriated at all times. It took me around 15 minutes to get half way through the glass because I was so paranoid to put pressure on it.

I have to say I am very impressed with the way DBP handled my claim. They had every reason to tell me that there was nothing they could do.
They actually found my thread and every single post I made regarding this tank.
(which I knew they would, and didnt care because I figured they were just going to say sorry you attempted to drill it anyway)

They saw that I was the third owner of the tank, I put it down with a bulkhead in it, and there was a tempered sticker on the back glass.

In the email he stated that the silicone on the tank was clear and they have been using black silicone since 2010. He said the tank is close to 3 years old and warranties are non transferable.

"we are, however, a company that stands behind its product, and the photo you sent us shows one of our edge 57 tanks with a blown-up tempered glass back panel in a location that should not have been tempered. On this basis, and this basis alone, we have decided to replace the tank with your choice of either the same tank or our #13058 non reef edge 57."

Moral of the story, although deep blue doesn't have a phone number listed they do respond to emails fairly quickly and stand behind their products.
I am one lucky SOB.

500th Post I love Manhattan Reefs.


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Thanks everybody

@chemchef the drilling is done that is the final product all ready for plumbing and water.

@cmantis I have a cover to go on top of the overflow. I'm not worried about the single drain because it is 1.5". It would tank something pretty big to plug that up.