Waste of time and money


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staten island,ny
I just got off the phone with max reef aquatics and apparently some company is coming out with a 93 gallon rimless cube in the next week or two. The price is $415.
I believe the tank your talking about is perfecto and i hear it is completely frameless...im waiting on the tank to be available also


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Why would you choose non RR if you are just going to drill it?
The same reason I ripped out the overflow in the old one. Now I won't have to cap the holes and can go barebottom if I wish to.
The overflow takes up half the tank. I want the surface skimming but dont want to lose all the room in the tank. If you saw the tank in person you would understand.


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Been following along and wanted to say I'm glad to hear DB took care of you.

I also want to add a suggestion. I know this is probably just semantics, but it is not possible to drill glass. The way to put a protrusion through the glass is by grinding it. This is a very important concept to understand when 'drilling' the glass. Since you're actually grinding it, you need to continually remember not to put any pressure on the drill. Let the weight of the drill do all the work. I'm sure you know this, and the problem with the first tank was the tempered pane, but you can't have this fact reinforced too often.

Good luck and post pix of the successful grind ;) or drill process.