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NJ bergen county
i have a 50g fuge with chaeto and a little bit of caulerpa that im getting rid of. it is fed by a powerhead from the sump and gravity takes it down to the return camper in my sump.

my DT has a little bit of algae in it and the front glass needs to be cleaned every other day to keep it in good shape, but my fuge has NO algae, i have never cleaned the glass once since set up and it is crystal clear, the brown slime in my DT, there isn't even a tiny piece in my fuge...could the flow going through my fuge be to slow?

also noticed that a frag of xenia that i threw in there is growing much faster then the xenia's in my display:confused:
it is lit by 2x96w PC's two 10k bulbs



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Park Ridge, NJ
you'll get a lot more growth out of your algae with 6,500k bulbs instead of the 10,000k.
And your fuge probably has no algae because the cheato is sucking up all available nutrients before the bad algaes can get to it.