A request for prayers

yah-the submariner

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Hey,Kathy. I just came across this and I'm extremely sorry to hear this. As one of the first and coolest members I've met on here. Always sweet courteous and generous whether it was advice or freebies at a swap. I'm praying for your recovery because good poee deserve even better outcomes. Stay strong and vigilant. Reach out of I can help. Speedy victory and recovery.


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Kathy, stay strong, positive, and will yourself to beat this. My wife is a Breast Cancer survivor and those things, prayers and the love from family and friends saw her through it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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I was devastated when I came upon this thread.
Anything you need from me, just say the word Kathy and I do know that you are a fighter so stay positive.

Get well soon, the next Frag Swap Raffle is just around the corner.


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Kathy, I am so sorry to learn of this! Of course you will be in my prayers!!!! PLEASE tell me if there is anything you need from me!!

You can beat this!!! I did, and you are so much stronger then me. Plus you have all of MR, your family, and many many friends in your corner!!! Just do your best to stay strong, keep your faith about you, eat well (at least as much as you can), get plenty of rest, and above all stay positive!

I love you my dear friend!!!:hug::cheekkiss


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Just seen this and can't believe it .....I have had friends and a few family members who went to Sloan and they beat it .....and they weren't as strong as you ......you will overcome this as you are a tough cookie ....prayers are here for you


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A HUGE thank you to all of you who have sent prayers, good vibes and good wishes!!!

I am so touched by the outpouring of support from my MR family :hug:

I've received some very nice PM's and texts and calls ..and I thank you.

Many of you have offered to help with my tanks and I greatly appreciate the offers but I need to let you know they have been broken down - a ton of thanks to Joe (QY7400) and Ming..and my family..that was a very rough time for me. My fish may as well be my own kids...(I can visit them!! :)) At some point we will sell off the equipment. I can't deal with the bacterias associated with this hobby so I've had some tough decisions to make.

As I didn't give much info in my first post, I feel I should add what I am fighting here..I have lung cancer which has unfortunately, already spread outside of my lung. There is a fight to be fought, and I WILL be giving it my best shot!! I have a great group of Doctors caring for me and I have confidence in the treatment they are offering.

I will come on as often as I can and keep you all up to date..but above all, I ask, please remember me & my family in your prayers!!