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Not a skeptic ..a REALEST. No one is going to join a forum out of the blue and their first post be defending a store who opened up 30 seconds before. It's just not going to happen. Since the guy is a "brand new owner" no one could even know him to defend him in the first place especially if the store is in the situation people are saying it's in. You simply don't say this is a great store when it's more or less empty. I don't fall for anyones Bull$#!T. I always spot people on here like the ones who change their screen names and pretend they are someone else after bannings and stuff. I see people do it all the time. Some people are very obvious.


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Ive been in the place since the remodel met the owner he's a standup guy trying to make the place work. It takes a lot of cash to stock a place like that. I think staten islanders should show support so we can have a better lfs on si


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no im not the owner. when you work nights your days kinda blend together. i guess i meant yesterday(wednesday). my apologies gentlman. i was told about this site by a member he didnt tell me it was an inquisition. good night.

So if you are new here let me be the first to say WELCOME!!!
Dont know if you are the owner or not and I dont care If it is your store good luck! and if its is not your store thanks for the info. with so few stores on Staten Island. a new store is weclome on the island. animal pantry was a bad store and now it is not there, I think the new store need a shot, an I will poke my head in there and maby drop a few $$ to help a new store out!!

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