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staten island
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Scott I know who you are and iam not bashing you as a reefer because you are a good one but the owner is cheap I know him for a while before u worked there he will not stock nice stuff because he does not want to invest

I agree and I'm trying to get him to change in that aspect, an I don't think I am good, but I do know the basics for quite a few things, I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable as 90% of mr members, but if you have questions I will answer truthfully, and If I do t know something, I won't lie either, but now that the ither guy is back to work there te owner is going to start taking me on his fish runs and ill soon be picking the livestock


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Staten Island
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Just so you guys know I was in there beginning of feb and the owner asked me for information too. He wanted to hire me to come in once a week to check the system and do routine maintenance. Asked what to stock and was selling Xenia for $60!

The owner also didn't want to sell me his last peppermint shrimp because he needs it. So I kindly asked for all the stuff I was going to purchase that was bagged already to be put back into their system.

My opinion that's bad business and I don't support that.

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