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Well it's been a few weeks and I have to say I see a large improvement in growth since the calcium reactor been set up.I been testing my alkalinity and calcium twice a week just to make sure everything is on point.alkalinity sits at 10.5 dkh and calcium at 440 ppm.I always struggled with maintain nitrates no matter how much I feed my fish or corals and just can't seem to get above .02 which is a phosphates been within range so I'm not concerned.I started dosing 3 mil of seachem flourish nitrogen,turned off my skimmer and tested my nitrates after 2 days and it now sits at 5ppm and what amazes me is how quickly the coloration on all the corals come back.I'm going to try and push my nitrates just a little higher and see what results I get not concerned with elevated levels since my skimmer been doing its job and then some when it's been on..I'll update again with pics and more results