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As some of you know, I recently moved, and was told as I was signing the lease that, "no tank over 40 gallons is allowed", despite them telling me my 120 was fine over the phone.

Thus, I needed a creative solution to solve my problem in 2 weeks. I decided on having 2 Solanas, 1 on each side of my TV.

I have a new approach to maintaining a tank. I wanted to have tanks that could be left for 3-5 days with no human contact, and have minimal amount of daily work required. The only thing I do daily is feed(when Im home). The tank gets RO/DI top off every 2 days, or up to 5 if I am away.

I add nothing to maintain water chemistry (No B-Ionic, etc). I do 25% water changes on each tank every other week, and clean the glass "maybe" once a month, and change/clean filter pads and carbon once every 3 weeks.

Tanks- 34 Gl Solana (x2) w/ espresso wood trim kit
Lights-AI LED's (White version in color and lighting), mod'ed w/ Current hanging kit
Vortech MP10 (1 on each tank)
150w JBJ Titanium heater and controller ("TRUETEMP") on each
No chiller or fans as temp never goes above 81

View from couch:

Side Views:

Side View (look through):

Left Tank (FTS):

Right Tank (FTS):

A few Random Coral Shots

Plate Coral, Chalice, and Candy Cane:

Same Plate Coral:

Plate Coral, Dendro, Heteropsammia cochlea, & Palys:

Leather, Palys, and Florida Ricordia:

Palys, Tubb's Blues, & Florida Ricordia:

Zoa Colony:

Same Colony (under blue LED):


AOG Paly Colony & ORA Green Toadstool:

Same Colony (under blue LED):

Fu Manchu on AOG colony:

Fu You!

ORA Green Leather:

Pom Pom Crab:

Pom Pom #2

RBTA hosted by b/w occ. & snowcasso pair:

Heteropsammia cochlea (Notice the worm coming from the coral)

I hope you enjoy the journey...I KNOW I WILL!
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Manhattan (UES)
evoIX: Tank has not been running very long, and I don't dose, so my growth, or lack there of) should not be linked to the LED's...with that said, my zoas/palys grow, monti grows, leathers grow, but ricordia are basically melting away(all but a few mini colonies). I have not noticed growth in my other corals, but it is often hard to notice growth with pictures from comparisons.

Noelskii: Stock skimmer, ESV carbon bag in middle section w/ cheato and a light(on reverse as main LED's), all in middle section.

I'm digging it as well, thanks guys!!
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