cmantis 50g ReBoot


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What epoxy are you using?
Try to Wedge some jb water weld it between those seams.
Its the TLF. I think the weight of the rocks is just too much. I am trying to put branch rock coming off base at 45 degree angles. Not sure it would really hold up anyways. First round of aquascaping never 'sticks' (pardon the pun). Its all good think I am on v3 already.

BTW: That image looks very FLAT I wish I could capture the depth of everything that is going on in the tank.


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Yeah, the TLF is only good for frags, small dry rock and such.

I built my while structure with JB weld.

(Totally solid).
Maybe try it, and hold it up with zip ties until it cures.

Looks great either way.


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Some updated shots of my babies. I tried to focus on each one as I couldn't get to focus on both at the same time. Not the best photos (I will work on getting better ones but they both came out to play so had to try):

Mantis - 'Fuego' BTA
(bright glowing orange tips with stunning green stalks)

Mantis - 'Cherry Cream' BTA:
(solid red with super creamy white thick streaks on base with prominent white speckling on bulbs)

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Cmantis lower your water level in that sump thats nuts if your power goes out it will over flow

That will also fix your splashing issue

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