is this saturday a open to the public or just for certain people ? Im going up to Kedds on Saturday to swap a couple of things Please LMK im very interested in checking out the place
It looks amazing no store here looks like that


Weehawken, NJ
Hi Jason,
It was great meeting you today. I had a great time!!!! I am thoroughly impressed with what you have done to the store. Everything is just so well thought of. Nothing left out! And the service :beer: top notch :D I look forward to shopping there if Jon is driving :lol2:

Thanks Jhale for the roadtrip today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all the dudes that have not been there yet the place looks like a cleaner and better version of William Sonoma. The tanks are incredible. The workmanship - museum quality. If anyone wants cheap product go to petco but if you are looking for highend and superior equipment and enjoy some eyecandy this is definitely the place to go.
I had the honor of seeing it yesterday also I went there with Kedd and it simply the nicest store out there. Everything Herman said about it is true. Jay is a cool guy with great ideas and im sure he will do well there. His prices are fair and from what we talked about he will have alot of sweet livestock. Herman Jay Manny wish I would of been there when you guys got there but I had to run.


Hey Nick!!! I was suprised to see your name too! Just like old times! :)

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